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VitaMia VM-WB2 Wearable Dual Pump

VitaMia VM-WMB10 Wearable Breast Pump

The days of having to be tethered to a power cord, holding bottles, while pumping can be a thing of the past.

Not only is the VItaMia VM-WB10 breast pump rechargeable, it is also wearable. Multiple modes, and 12 setting levels, means you won't have to sacrifice functionality for convenience.

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In With The New, Out With The Old

Some things get better with age, breast pumps are not one of those things. Science and technology has come a long when since electronic breast pumps were introduced, yet there has been limited innovation in the pumps available to nursing mom's.

At Vita Mia, we aim to change that. Incorporating features that utilize the latest knowledge, while utilizing design, for a more convenient experience.

Knowledge isn't Just Power

It can also be re-assurance and comfort. Check out our Blog page where we will be posting articles on topics of interest to new mothers.

So whether you are a first time New Mom looking for some guidance, or an experienced "New Mom" we hope you will find our articles timely and informative