Replacement Parts for VitaMia Pumps

Some parts of the breast pump (primarily the silicone flange, duckbill valve or silicone diaphragm) can wear out over time and need replacement periodically. We have been asked how long to aniticipate the need to replace these parts, and the truth is, there is no standard answer, as it can depend on a number of factors, some people want to replace them after a months, for others it can last a number of months (how it was used, the heat it is exposed to when cleaned etc)

We have had some customers contact us about the availability of replacement pumps for VitaMia Breast Pumps.

Right now, we have a very limited quantity available, so we are not listing them, however if you do find that you need replacement parts, please contact us as we can provide them for you.

We anticipate getting our shipment of parts next week, at which time they will listed for sale directly on the website.