VitaMia Our Mission

Bringing a new life into the world can be overwhelming. New mothers invest themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually in raising their babies. At VitaMia, our goal is to bring high quality products to market, that can make that process easier.

We aren't going to pretend we are a non-profit, but we are also parents, and we bring that shared experience to our customers. For that reason, our mission is not solely focused on products, but to also develop a supportive community where we can share timely articles and post relevant information.

Our intention is to extend that philosophy to our products as well. While usefulness and innovation guide our product development, it is equally important for us to provide value to our customers.

Prior to introducing a product to our customers, we test and refine it for up to a year. There have been projects we worked on for months, only to abandon, because even though they were good, useful products, the price we would have needed to sell them at, would not have provided good enough value.

In addition to the 3 breast pumps we have released (the 3rd pump, which is cordless, but not wearable, will be released in the next week), we have other projects in the pipeline, and look forward to sharing them with you.

Additionally, we are already working on our next article, regarding the role of nutrition in breastfeeding.

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the VitaMia Family